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Autore: DanceLikeAnHippogriff    10/05/2020    0 recensioni
Leo e Andrew erano finalmente riusciti a realizzare il loro piano di un appuntamento galante sul ghiaccio. Peccato che la competitività del canadese abbia avuto la meglio.
Questa storia l'avevo scritta di getto in inglese. Forse un giorno la tradurrò.
Genere: Commedia, Fluff, Slice of life | Stato: completa
Tipo di coppia: Shonen-ai
Note: nessuna | Avvertimenti: nessuno
- Questa storia fa parte della serie 'Dorks being dorks'
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That is probably how Leo would have described Andrew in that moment. Brighter on ice, almost shining with a confidence that one would not think he usually had inside. As if he needed a confidence boost in his daily life. Andrew could come across as shy whenever he brushed off a compliment for something he truly shined for, but his self-confidence was one to be reckoned with. Leo wondered why that was the adjective that would suit the Canadian better in that moment. His eyes followed the effortlessly graceful slide of the brown-haired boy’s skates, the precise line that they drew on the icy surface, following an obscure pattern of stops, speed ups, abrupt direction changes, and little steps.

Also, cockier.

Leo rolled his eyes at yet another graceful spin, Andrew’s balance impeccable and steady as he landed on one foot, shooting an angelic smile at his direction. The smile of an applause-hungry beast. The blond crossed his arms, his fingers seeking the warmth under his armpits. Oh, he was impressed, there was no way of denying it. But there’s more than one way to dissimulate it. For as much as he had nothing but compliments and cheers for him, his lips were stubbornly sealed in a smug grin. No way he would give Andrew that satisfaction.

As if he could have smelled his intentions from the centre of the rink, Andrew brought himself closer with a few powerful strokes, thin shiny sprinkles of ice dusting his skates. He made a little pirouette on the spot and stopped in front of him, his hand outstretched and an eyebrow lifted as if expecting the most important of feedbacks.

«That was…» Leo could see his grin growing wider by the second. He huffed. «…something.» He accompanied his words with a shrug, trying to not let his own grin fade. That curly-headed bastard sure knew how to do a number on him.

Andrew blepped, slowly starting to skate backward, wiggling his butt more than necessary. «You wouldn't recognise talent even if it kissed you in the face.»

«Maybe you should kiss me one more time.» He leaned on the wooden wall of the rink, going for cool, but lost balance at the very last moment and ended up clenching onto it for dear life. He breathed out a shocked Fuck! trying to ignore Andrew’s triumphant glance and watched him avoiding a skater at the last second, smiling apologetically at her squeal.

Andrew wasn’t the only dangerous specimen hunting the rink. Another girl had been speeding through the crowd like a crazy spin, enjoying her sudden direction changes and taking curves at a crazy speed. It had been on from the second Andrew had placed his skates on ice. Leo could see the glances they exchanged at every figure, sharp like razor blades, frantically searching for a mistake in the other’s technique. And then there was Leo. Leo, the average skater, who calmly enjoyed sliding on ice and keeping the momentum to feel each stroke under his skates. Leo, who tried to skate backward and almost killed a kid in the process by stumbling on her. He sank his nose under his warm scarf, scouting the rink for a mustard-yellow dot. There he was, gaining speed to perform a whatever-French-word-it-was jump and feeding off the awe of a bunch of little children. The pro girl spared him a glance before sliding past him gracefully after a series of breath-taking spins.

Andrew visibly puffed out his cheeks, irritated, and skated backward, reaching Leo. His brown curls were dangling on the front, a few of them glued to his forehead for the effort, and his cheeks, still slightly puffed, had taken a slightly darker shade. The blond choked back a laugh.

«You’ve got “anger” painted all over your face.»

«At least don’t look that satisfied when someone shows off better than me.»

«Uh hu.» He slapped jokingly his nose with his finger. «That’s what a show-off like you reaps.»

«Leeeeeeeeeeo!» He tugged at the other’s shirt, annoyed. «Are you impressed by her?» He dramatically pointed at the girl, currently chilling in the centre of the rink, with his whole arm and repeated in disbelief: «Her?»

His first reaction was an amused snort. When he wanted, Andrew could truly be a brat. Steal his toy or the spot-light, and you have got the perfect recipe for a silent dramatic battle on ice. «Hear me out, drama queen. I’ve kept my eyes on your flashy jumper for the whole time and I can tell that you’re an amazing skater. No need to worry. I should be the annoyed one when the only person you’re looking at is that one girl all spins and pirouettes.»

Apparently, the only part that Andrew heard was “amazing” because he flashed him a satisfied and proud grin before dashing away. Or maybe Leo didn’t actually say the last sentence aloud. He followed him with his eyes for a while and then started to move forward, gaining speed with each stroke, his mind calculating all the patterns of movement of the skaters in his field of vision, a map of intricate possibilities he threw himself into and tried to avoid by imitating Andrew’s moves, his grace, his easiness. He wasn’t probably making it look as effortless as that baguette-head did, though. He skated past him as Andrew stumbled after a badly-calculated jump and he felt a strange itch when the girl triumphantly didn’t waste that chance and stopped by, gracefully putting one of her skates forward. Leo couldn’t catch a word she was saying, but he clearly saw her lips curling up in a smile as Andrew replied something and stood back on his feet, patting the snow off his trousers. Be chill, Leo, we’re not here to start drama. We’re here to skate and have fun, not to check on Andrew and whatever thing he’s doing with that girl. Just skate and be chill. Be chill. His eyes kept going back to that familiar mustard spot that would always stupidly stand out in the rink.

Now the girl was showing him the best stance for a jump and kept on pointing at Andrew’s hips while lowering hers and then flexing her legs in a strange bouncy way. The brown-haired boy seemed absorbed by that small private lesson, his lower lip slightly pushing forward in an evident attempt to look politely interested. He was probably raging inside, but he would treasure that advice for sure. Leo tried his hand at swizzles, feeling slightly stupid as he saw Andrew land a perfect jump and then overflow with joy while probably commenting it with Janette. That was the name Leo had decided to give her; the most French and cringy name he could think about. He grumbled a few insults before speeding past them in a poor attempt to get their attention. Nothing. Andrew and Janette kept on chatting lovingly over stuff Leo knew little to nothing about. Were the names of those jumps even French in the first place? He stopped his strokes and let his skates carry him forward; when he felt the momentum dying away, he lightly shifted his weight on his toes, ending it with a small spin. His lips curled in an unconscious smile as he relished the feeling of his steady balance even after a spin. A small one, but always a spin. Yey for me!

He hesitantly brushed the ice with one blade, trying to move it backward. He had been watching Andrew carefully and was now ready to steal his moves to show him that he could do it too. Maybe, if he tried hard enough, he may be able to pull off a few jumps. He chuckled at the thought, starting to slide backward, drawing small half-moons with his skates. So far so good. He started gaining speed, relieved by how he hadn’t fallen yet. He suddenly stuck his arms forward to keep his balance, his butt sticking out more than he wanted it to. Way to go. No falling on the ice for him today. Not in front of Andrew. Not in front of Janette. He narrowed his gaze, catching a glimpse of her outstretched hand, and felt a growl die in his throat. He slowed down to better watch the scene, keeping an eye on Andrew’s reactions. The boy seemed slightly taken aback by the gesture, but quickly put himself together and straightened his back, defiant. He flashed her his brightest smile, said something, and swiftly skated back, stopping to bow in a dramatic way. Then, he glanced at her hand and skated away in a swirl, grinning.

Leo felt a rush of satisfaction at that scene. He wasn’t sure why, but the fact that he hadn’t shaken that hand made him feel less restless. He sped up, smiling at himself and eyeing smugly at Janette, who was now going back to her routine of spins and pirouettes. I won. What did he win? Nothing. But he felt like a winner all the same.

It didn’t take long for Andrew to reach him and start skating at his side, all glowing and triumphant, shooting a pleased blep at him.

«So… Did you see that? Did you see…?» And he made a small jump, starting to skate backward, his fingers pointing at his grinning face. «Me? I was cool back there. Cooler than her.»

The blond raised his brow, amused, still not wanting to give him all the attention that he so blatantly was asking for. «Cooler than Janette

Hazel eyes widened in disbelief. «You’re quite close. Her name’s Jeanne.»

«You’re on name-terms now, uh?»

That glare was self-explanatory. Andrew sighed and shook his head, hopeless. He made a half-turn and went back facing the same direction of the other, enjoying that moment of closeness. They hadn’t been skating like that since... Well, since he had seen Jeanne’s amazing talent and felt a sudden urge to show off better than her for Leo’s blessing. Which had been a solid 15 minutes ago. A cheerful tune popped up in his mind and he started humming it, glancing from time to time at Leo’s cheeks, reddened by the cold. He couldn’t quite get why, but seeing him on ice made his heart beat slightly faster. Might be because he felt at home in that element, it reminded him of the rush of adrenaline that figure skating gave him back in Canada and of one too many falls on his butt. Might be because the person he fell so deeply for was enjoying that moment as much as he was, which made it even more beautiful. He slowed down, admiring him gliding swiftly and stretching his legs at every stroke. There was something deep and fascinating about how ice could make him feel so calm and detached from the world, yet so connected and with all his senses in alert.

Which is why maybe he could notice the strange tension Leo was putting in his muscles. He snorted, immediately silencing the thought of the blond trying a jump on that deadly surface. He’d never dare to, he didn’t know how. But Leo seemed to have gained speed on the straight track. Andrew cautiously maintained a distance between them, and almost felt his heart jump in his throat when he saw Leo’s skates detach from the ice in a timid attempt of a jump. Andrew hadn’t even noticed that he had unconsciously built up his own pace. He swallowed, relieved at the sight of the blades reconnecting with the ice again. Leo seemed to be doing well. He just had to not put his skates togeth-


He heard his own voice cry out the blond’s name, realising too late that he hadn’t just screamed it in his mind. Perfect timing to look like a freak, Andrew. He was at Leo’s side in no time, giving him a worried look and scanned the boy all over, frantically looking for eventual bruises, scratches, or- …broken bones?! He realised he had been holding his breath longer than necessary when Leo gave him a perplexed look, blinking a few times, his lips parted in an attempt of asking what was going on and why he was making such a fuss over nothing, that he was fine. Yes, you are damn fine, more than fine, you’re gorgeous… Wait, not now. Keep it in your pants, Andrew!

Leo wobbly stood up, his skates gliding everywhere but standing in place, and breathed a sigh of relief when he anchored himself to the wooden handrail. His face was bright red, a detail that Andrew didn’t miss, and thick poufy clouds of condensed breath escaped rhythmically from his lips, clouding his face but for a fraction of a second. Green eyes looked at him still questioning Andrew’s sudden and worried reaction for something that was nothing but a small fall. The brown-haired guy got closer, but Leo was faster and patted away the snow from his trousers by himself.

Andrew thought he must have looked so stupid with his hand slightly outstretched, so he went for Leo’s cap and pulled it down to cover his eyes, letting out an embarrassed laugh. «You looked like a fawn standing for the first time back there. Baaaaby boy, if you can’t even stand, don’t try to jump.»

Leo grinned and stack his tongue out at him as an answer.

«That pride of yours is truly a hustle sometimes…» Andrew chuckled and shook his head, pointing at Leo’s knees. «Anyway, you’ve got some more left there, dude.»

Leo blew raspberries at him and proceeded to clean his trousers. «I think you’re just afraid that the next time you’ll bring me to an “ice date”-»

«Excuse me? Maybe you meant a cool date.»

Leo waved his hand like he wanted to fan his words away. «Yeah, sure. Ice or cool date, I think you fear that I’ll outrun you in some way.» He grinned, triumphant. «If the next time you grant me the honour of skating with me and actually teach me some figures, I’ll get better than you in no time, I’m sure.»

Andrew gave in a shocked gasp, making a quick spin to then face him again. «Outrageous!» He dramatically stretched his arm towards the ceiling, posing as if about to start the most important performance of his life, and looked at Leo with fiery eyes. «You think you can outrun the Shakira of ice

At that very moment, the siren who marked the end of their skating turn honked covering Leo’s loud laugh. He glanced to the side and slowly started heading towards the exit, still trying to suppress his laughs and snorts.

«Seriously, bro? The Shakira of ice?» He raised his brow, sceptical. «Is that how they called you in Canada back in your glorious days?» He snorted, making swizzles and enjoying that slinky pace.

«You can bet it! Cos’ my hips don’t lie!» He then proceeded to shake his hips languidly to make his point clear.

Leo scoffed, rolling his eyes and skating away from him. «Ugh, you truly are-»

«Gorgeous?» Andrew caught up with him easily and started to poke his sides at every word he said. «Graceful? Adorable? Funny? Absolutely amazing?» He struck one last pose, flashing him a dazzling smile.

«…unbelievable.» Spat out the blond, though he couldn’t stop his lips from curling up in a soft smile. «Now let’s go and drink something hot. My hands are freezing.»

«As my glorious king commands.» He bowed theatrically before exiting the rink, holding the door open for the other guy.

«Andrew, I swear-»

«I love you.» His cheeks darkened slightly, gaining a soft shade of maroon, and a small dimple formed at the corner of his mouth.

Green eyes softened at those words. He sighed and relaxed his shoulders, glancing at him as he walked through the open door. He suddenly grabbed his cheek in between his fingers and pinched it jokingly before slapping softly his nose.

He whispered: «…I love you too, you dork.»

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