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Autore: blue riza    06/11/2020    0 recensioni
Racconto che ho scritto partecipando al "750 followers Event" dell'account @Nakunakunomi su Tumblr.
Si tratta di uno scenario Rob Lucci x Female reader, durante l'Aqua Laguna.
- Cliche prompt: Kissing in the rain
- Random word to include: Enthusiasm
Word count: 1219
Dato che l'account che celebrava il traguardo era in inglese, ho scritto la storia in questa lingua. Se qualcuno avesse problemi a leggerla e capirla, mi mandi pure un messaggio/commento e provvederò a inserire anche la versione tradotta in italiano.
Genere: Fantasy, Malinconico, Sentimentale | Stato: completa
Tipo di coppia: Het | Personaggi: Altro Personaggio, Cipher Pool 9, Nuovo personaggio, Rob Lucci
Note: Missing Moments, Traduzione | Avvertimenti: nessuno
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Dimensione del testo A A A
[Rob Lucci x Female Reader]
  • Cliche prompt:  Kissing in the rain
  • Random word to include: Enthusiasm
Word count: 1219
Language: english
Aqua Laguna is going to be here, again. For all the people who live in Water Seven, Aqua Laguna is always an event that cannot be forgot. A very big wave (just one?), the rain, a strong wind... every year all the citiziens need to be ready to deal with it, specially the people who live in the lower part of the city.
The carpenters need to leave their works too, as it will be impossible continue their deals with all these waves and such rain. Even the Galley-La Company has to stop.
You are busy to prepare yourself for the Aqua Laguna too, closing your home after moving away in a safer place with all your goods. There is a particularly heavy sack you are trying to lift and carry, without great results. When you have a lot of things and you want to save them... you curse yourself for this. You are fumbling with that bag, when suddenly you feel a firm but gentle touch on the back of your hands, from behind.
“You shouldn’t lift such heavy things without asking for help, if you struggle so much.”
It is a familiar deep voice and a reassuring physical presence for you, but this sudden arrival takes you by surprise and the heavy bag slips from your hands.
“Lucci!” you exclaim, while he moves fastly to grab your falling bag.
Lucci reached your side very rapidly: you are already used to his reaction times, but everytime is almost as it is the first time you see him act so fast. Around him is flying Hattori, which is cooing for a while, then the pigeon returns on his right shoulder after Lucci regains his straight composture, still keeping the bag for you.
“Thank you Lucci...”
“No need to thanks me: you just could have told me when you wanted to organize yourself for the Aqua Laguna, and I would have give you a hand with the moving.”
Maybe he is right, but you just thought he was occupied with her works at the docks too. This year the news about the annual and upcoming Aqua Laguna were given earlier than usual. You just hadn’t time to tell him. And you explain this to the carpenter. You want to be honest with him, because he was honest with you: a day, during a lunch together, he told you he is an agent for the government. At first you thought he is joking, but you know his way of being enough to understand he wasn’t joking: he is too serious and... you have chosen to believe him. He said that only once, and he reminded you to keep it to yourself. Lucci is a reserved man and when he wants to tell you something, he does it. For everything else about this “other life”, you don’t dare to ask anything if he doesn’t want give details. What and when to explain are his choices, and the fact that he have decided to said you the truth about him is anyway an important sign of trust between you two.
Lucci understands your explanation and nods: it is true, this year the Aqua Laguna is coming earlier than usual. The air is already a bit wet for the upcoming bad weather: Lucci’s curly hair are already starting to be a bit wilder as very little rain drops are falling from the sky.
“I already finished my commitments at the docks, or whatever else I had to do. Now let me help you...” he says forthright, taking easily the heavy bag you were struggling with, and also another one on the other shoulder, where Hattori is, the bird coos and looks at you.
You accept his aid with enthusiasm, but maintaining a composed attitude.
“This island is so beautiful... it is a pity we have Aqua Laguna every year, which menacing the quiet living of the population...” you say unhappily.
“A sad reality. If it continue like this, Water Seven will be abandoned soon...”
“For a city of shipwrights, it could be... terrible. Despite I suppose the Galley-La Company may will go in another island and works there.”
Another place. This means to find again a new house... a new life. You are literally born in Water Seven, but you need also to be realist: before or after, you could leave this island. You don’t know what Lucci can do or where he might go: after all, he is a carpenter and... an agent for the Government. Where truly is his real home? Does he have it one or just... ?
“And you...?” you ask to Lucci, not sure about looking at him or not. Lucci, on the other hand, stares at you.
“Yeah... I mean...Where are you-..”
“I will think about it when the situation of the island will be declared. Everything might happen every day, and depends where my presence is needed.”
“Yeah, right...” you mutter, unsure what to think about your future, his future and... both together. You don't know how long your story together could last, you should be honest with yourself: he is a mysterious man and despite he decided to open himself with you, his life is after all... not so stable, perhaps.
The man then stops walking and you finally gaze at him. What if you said something wrong? After all, nothing has yet been decided for the definitive abandonment of the island in future terms.
“Nothing. Just forget what I said...”
Lucci perceive something wrong with you. Still remaining serious, as he always be, Lucci walks in front of you and stops yourself, grabbing one of your wrists with your surprise. In the meanwhile the weather was getting worse, starting to rain harder. You know how Lucci doesn’t like the rain... despite that, he is here, keeping you in front of him. The bags he is carrying are still on his shoulders and it seems they are like inexistent. He hugs you in a slightly rude way, one hand grabbing your wrist and the other on your waist. Without any warning or asking anything, his lips meet yours and you two are kissing in the rain. It isn’t a long kiss, but it was enough passionate but delicate in a own way. The words “Rob Lucci” and “delicate” are often on two different rails, but sometimes they... meet, even slightly. His wet hair touch your face as he kisses you, but you don’t mind. You hug him, touching his back.
“(Y/N)... there will be always a place for you in my plans, here or elsewhere.”
Your eyes are fixed on his.
“Don’t doubt this. I asked you to believe me and to keep my secrets for yourself. There are few people to whom I gave my trust... and you are one of these few...”
He shared his secrets with you, he usually doesn’t talk too much, but receiving his confidence means a lot for you.
You just smile, and probably for Lucci it is enough.
“Now we should go on a dry and covered place. This bad weather... I don’t like rain... and you will get sick” he declares. And with the various bags and your gratitude, you two start walking again, in your new safer place to avoid the annual Aqua Laguna.
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